Our deliveries:

Our Salesmen are always courteous, and friendly. They keep a continuous inventory of your sales to insure a proper variety for your customers, and maximum sales for you.

They will be there weekly, and will always stock and rotate your product to insure freshness. If a sandwich doesn't sell by the expiration date, your driver will credit you, or replace it for you. So you really can't lose with Stewart Sandwiches, and our guaranteed sales program.

Please contact us about service at 419-874-7451

We are here to serve you for your wholesale sandwich needs.

Stewart Sandwiches is #1 in wholesale sandwiches.

We are locally owned and operated, and have done business from the same location since 1956. All of our delicious sandwiches, and salads are made right here in historic Perrysburg, Ohio.   

We use only the finest ingredients, to make every product enjoyable to keep your customers coming back.

We service

Northern Ohio and Southern Michigan.

Royal Deli Foods &  Stewart Sandwiches

our coffee service:

We offer a great coffee service, with coffee made by Folgers, and Maxwell House.

We carry all the great tasting most popular flavors of Cappuccino, your customers love.

We loan and service all needed coffee equipment, as long as you buy our product.

There is no minimum order with us, which keeps your overhead costs lower.

You only need to keep enough product to last a week.

Price list

                                                            WHOLESALE        RETAIL

TWIN CHILI DOG                                     2.50                  3.59

PEPPERONI SUB                                      2.50                  3.59

DOUBLE CHEESEBURGER                      2.50                  3.59

TORPEDO                                                 2.50                  3.59

JUMBO DELI                                             3.80                  5.39

JUMBO SMOKED TURKEY                      3.80                  5.39

SAUSAGE AND EGG SANDWICH           2.30                  3.39

SAUSAGE/EGG MUFFIN                          2.50                  3.59

TURKEY SUB                                             2.50                  3.59    

HAM AND CHEESE SUB                          2.50                  3.59

SUPER SUB                                               3.00                  4.29

ITALIAN SUB                                             3.00                  4.29

ROAST BEEF AND CHEDDAR                  3.00                  4.29

HOT AND SPICY CHICKEN                      2.50                  3.59

CHUCKWAGON                                        2.50                  3.59

BACON CHEESEBURGER                        2.10                  2.99

CHICKEN SALAD                                      2.50                  3.59

HAM SALAD                                             2.50                  3.59

EGG SALAD                                              2.50                  3.59