Our Menu options,

Our clients get to choose from a menu offering 16 varieties of Entrees each week

 for dinners.

We normally offer you :

2 chicken Entrees

2 Beef Entrees

1 Pork Entrees

1 Pasta Entrees

1 Turkey Entrees

2 Breakfast Entrees

1-2 large meal salads

ex: (taco salad, chef salad, Asian chicken salad)

These change BI- Weekly to offer you a great variety to choose from and, in order to give you the fresh color and variety you need for good nutrition.

We also offer a Lunch option of a cup of soup and fresh sandwich, and a Dinner option of a hamburger and sweet potato fries.

We are PASSPORT and



Our home delivered meals

a delicious way to good nutrition!

Royal Deli Foods &  Stewart Sandwiches

You can view some of our entrees each week here on the website.

You can also call anytime at

419-874-7451 and we will be happy to bring you a sample out to your home.

Our meals are not only convenient and affordable, but they are nutritious and very delicious.

We deliver to you twice a week, to keep your food as fresh as possible at all times.

Meals are delivered Refrigerated, never frozen. We believe this gives you the best tasting food possible.

You only need to heat,  and  enjoy a delicious meal,  made just for you the day before it is delivered to you.